Carolyn Jones
  • Angel
    “I was told that I was chosen by the spirits to carry the pipe for my people to begin the Sundance. I live in the Lakota Indian reservation in South Dakota. Sundancing is when you dance to ask for forgiveness or to pray for someone else and suffer for them.” Angel, 13
  • Therese
    “I know I definitely want to play for the USA Softball Women’s national team in the Olympics. Girls can do anything.” Therese, 14
  • Diana
    “I’m known as Princess Defeat. To me hip-hop is cathartic. I don’t feel like its anger, its just expression. That’s all. Instead of being destructive to ourselves and people around us, we’re writing about it. It’s not just about anger…it’s cleansing.” Diana, 16
  • Briana
    I’d like to be a lawyer and help people read the cases that they’re fighting for.” Briana, 11
  • Hopewell school
    Hopewell school in Mississippi Every girl in the school is a Girl Scout.
  • Leila
    I’d like to open a clinic for women and children in Iran. That has always been my dream.” Leila, 17
  • Amy
    “If people fight, or if they are sad and take it out on everybody around them, then other people get bitter and the anger