Carolyn Jones
  • Stan Stoj and Linda
    Look at the people you’re in contact with every day; some of them you confide in, some are very important to you. Now imagine that these people disappeared within a few years. This is the devastation caused by AIDS. All people are important. Cherish those you love.
  • Henry Nicols
    I decided to make the disclosure of my HIV status part of my Eagle Scout project. People often ask me what my plans are, because, I think, they want to know if somebody with AIDS has long-term plans. I’ve been living with this virus for close to ten years now, and I don’t think of myself as a victim. I’m just a person living with a virus. My long-term plans are simple: in 2008, I’m running for President.
  • The Swim Team
    Swimming provides a good excuse to shower with thirty other guys.
  • Isaac Chabrier, age 3
    Isaac tested positive for the virus at birth, but his status has since converted to HIV negative.
  • Jeff Wadlington
    To dance is to live. Dancing connects me to God, myself, my fellow man, and most importantly, to life itself.
  • Friends in Deed
    Cy O’Neal, founder (with cap) and Friends.