Carolyn Jones
  • On July 17th, 1987 I received a phone call from a woman I hardly knew. "Would you like to cross America with no money, starting only with a car and a full tank of gas?" It was a project she had dreamed up to provide material for a screenplay. The idea was to work your way across America doing odd jobs, meeting all different kinds of people, to find out what kind of American comes forward to help others in a time of need.

    On August 18th, I left Los Angeles to begin my adventure. These photographs are of the people I met, worked with, and who put me up for a night on their floors and couches. I was reminded that so often it's those who have the very least to give that give the most.
  • Steve and Joanna
    Joanna was ready to open her home to anyone in trouble - no questions asked. She had her baby the day after I met her. Steve's a gas station attendant. Joanna is a waitress at "The Slot Joynt," a diner on the strip. She makes about $20 a week in tips. Every week Steve plays the slots and loses about $20.
  • Navaho Generating Plant
    Page, Arizona

  • Fat Mat
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Slim
    "The developments are movin' in so fast, pretty soon there won't be any more coyotes down here."
  • Steve Green
    Tucson, Arizona
    "I've been thinking about moving to Chicago - my sculptures would last about 3 hours longer there."
  • Rick Rohm
    Deputy Sheriff
    "I remove toxic waste whenever there's an accident."
  • Tourists
  • Old Tucson
  • White Sands, New Mexico
    Sitting in the middle of the Plains are 8 miles of pure white gypsum. When you are in the middle of it, you can see nothing else.
  • Missile
    New Mexico
  • Hardenia Parkhurst
    Racetrack cook
    Ruidoso, New Mexico
  • Anthony
    Anthony lives in his car in the parking lot of the racetrack. He keeps his socks in an old ice chest. He follows the horses from track to track across America. He cleans the stables. He used to clean churches. Anthony bought me a stack of pancakes.
  • New Mexico
    A tree and a mailbox but no house anywhere in sight.
  • New Mexico Highway
  • Brad
    Gas Station attendant
    Dallas, Texas
    Brad has a wife, two kids, and a potbelly at age 28 - none of which he wanted.
  • Nick the Calliope player
    The Riverboat Natchez
    "I didn't do a very good job on my makeup today."
  • New Orleans
  • Samantha
    Barbizon School of Modeling
    "I'll just give you my name and address in case you want to use me for something - you never know."
  • Mime Artist
    Bourbon Street
    "My specialty is to be put into a wet straight jacket and wrapped in chains - I get out in about an hour."
  • New Orleans
  • James
    New Orleans
    "I don't know how I got to this park. Last night I drank too much. The last thing I remember is being on Bourbon Street. I don't like New Orleans."
  • Howard
    Bourbon Street
    Howard is the manager for female mud wrestlers. He would not give me a job.
  • Bill Tindill
    Watermelon Salesman
  • Aunt Mary's porch
    Shepherds, Virginia
  • Vietnam Memorial
    Washington, D.C.